In our splendid Chinese Style Restaurants, you will enjoy our fabulous food and drinks in a comfortable atmosphere and being served by our well-trained staff. In addition, all courses are specially designed by our Award Winning Chefs.

Shark Fin Group of Restaurants are offering you with regular daily Yum-Cha over 100 varies, dinner, as well as set menus, seven days a week. You could also select from our wide range of popular Chinese Food. Have a look the authentic Chinese menus from our experienced chef, choose your favourite dishes and reserve your seating or join our news group now.

* All menus are in PDF format. Please click here to download free adobe acrobat reader. *

Shark Fin House

Shark Fin Inn Shark Fin Inn Keyborough
A La Carte & Banquet Menu (English)
A La Carte & Banquet Menu (Chinese)
Wine List (English)

A La Carte Menu (English)
A La Carte Menu (Chinese)
Dim Sum Menu
Wine List (English)
A La Carte Menu
A La Carte Menu (Chinese)

Yum Cha Banquet
Vegetarian Banquet
Special Banquet A
Special Banquet B

Special Menu

Special Menu

Special Menu

Seasional Special Menu