SHARK FIN HOUSE (Fully Licensed)

Located at the heart of Melbourne's Chinatown, there is little doubt that Shark Fin House is the best Chinese Restaurant in Melbourne.

Since 1989, Shark Fin House serves the most exquisite and authentic Cantonese cuisine to everyone who steps through the door. The mouth-watering selection of dim sim specialties and live seafood straight from water tanks make it the ideal for food enthusiasts. Lobsters, crabs and abalones are only part of extensive choices of dishes available in the restaurant; and who can get pass the dynamic experiences of daily Yum Cha?

With elegant interior, fast service and excellent selection of local and imported wines, Shark Fin House is the first and only choice for business lunches and fine dining.


The 'original' Shark Fin Restaurant was established in 1980 at the top end of the little Bourke Street. Close to the Parliament Station, Shark Fin Inn achieves it's excellence by serving the finest Cantonese food at affordable prices.

With lunchtime Yum Cha, takeaway service and an extensive a La Carte and banquet menus, Shark Fin Inn has remained favourite of many despite some strong neighbouring contenders over the years. It gives customers a good chance to savour the famous dishes from Hong Kong without the expensive price tag of the air ticket - or the meal.

Close to different bars, cafes and theatres and open until 1.30am daily, Shark Fin Inn is the best place for family gathering, business acquaintance, celebrating special occasions and late supper after a night out.


After wheeling to success with Shark Fin Inn in 1980, Shark Fin Group established its first sub-urban restaurant – the Shark Fin Inn Keysborough.

Opened since 1985 and located opposite to the Parkmore Shopping Center, Shark Fin Keysborough has a spacious dining area with seating capacities of 320, one of the largest in the area. Offering yum cha, lunch and dinner, the restaurant serves it's customers with outstanding Chinese cuisine and best dim sum in town. It also becomes an instant hit for people looking for special function's catering such as wedding receptions and parties.

If you are looking for a nice meal around the south eastern suburbs, Shark Fin Keysborough will definitely be your choice.